A couple of people who have been commenting on my blog have questioned my basis for believing in Conspiracies.  I can’t really separate my religious belief from my political beliefs because my religious beliefs inform and color all of my perceptions of right and wrong and what is good or bad.  

In part, it is because of my belief in the LDS Church that I believe in modern day conspiracies that are working to undermine our freedoms and virtually enslave all of human kind.  The best kind of slaves are the ones who don’t know they are in bondage because then they will continue to work happily.  I suspect that many of us are laboring in bondange and don’t know how to become free or are not aware of our bondage.

For all faithful members of the LDS Church that still believe in modern revelation and that Satan really is working to undermine our Faith, Freedom, Safety and Well Being, you’d better believe that Secret Combinations are working against us and they are inspired by Satan.

The Book of Mormon plainly teaches that ANYthing that is good comes from God and ANYthing that is evil comes from Satan, or in other words, every act done on this planet is either inspired by God or Satan.

Satan is behind the moves on earth to destroy freedom and liberty, even if the participants in these schemes do not know who their leader really is.  

One source of many quotes from scripture and LDS Leadership about the existence of Secret Combinations is this video.

 There are many good people trying to quietly sound the alarm of the destruction of our freedoms and the presence of secret combinations and how we are not really aware of what is going on behind the scenes.

Please wake up and think about what is going on.

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