There is an editorial in the Deseret News today, from the general editorial staff titled “Pass an Effective Stimulus“.

From the title alone you might get the impression that perhaps the Deseret News is no longer the conservative friendly newspaper it once was.  Over ten years ago an older gentlemen I was acquainted with said he quit taking the Deseret News because it was too liberal.  I think he is right, at least now for sure.  

If you were to gauge the political temperature of a newspaper, looking to the unsigned editorials is a fair practice to see the views and politics of the paper in general.

So, we have the headline suggesting that we pass an effective stimulus plan.

When you read the body of the editorial, the message gets muddled and confusing.  To quote (emphasis mine):

Now, with jobs disappearing and markets sinking, Americans are saving once more, and they’re using cash, not credit, for their purchases. In December, the collective savings rate was 3.6 percent, and it seems to be rising. Spending, however, fell in December for the sixth straight month.

And that’s a problem. The enviable U.S. economy everyone grew to love was built on excessive spending. It didn’t even require real money

This is supposed to be an opinion piece.  Is it supposed to be a problem that we should fix by more spending or is it a problem in the bigger sense that the economy is struggling because of less spending?  The editorial sort of makes clear that spending our way out of this is not a good idea later on.

Another quote: “The first lesson to understand is that government cannot solve this crisis.”  OK, but why is the editorial titled “Pass an Effective Stimulus”? if government cannot solve this crisis?  

Later on the editorial has this gem: “A government stimulus might work if it is directed toward public works programs and other projects that begin employing people immediately.”  Wait, I thougth government cannot solve the crisis?

The editorial goes on to call for tax cuts and public works spending to help with the economy and create government funded jobs after bemoaning the fact that the economic crisis we are facing is in part caused by buying things on unsecured credit.  What do they think will happen when the United States government does it?  There is not enough money in the treasury to cover the spending scheduled for this year or the foreseeable future.  

According to Ben Stein, the United States is already bankrupt from social spending.  We do not have sufficient assets in the entire country, private and public, to cover future spending.

The U.S. should not continue to meddle in the economy and should not pass the stimulus package.  The Deseret News is conflicted in this opinion, claiming that spening on credit is bad, the government cannot solve the problem anyway, but we should still pass the stimulus package anyway.

This is a doublethink type of opinion.  It is not conservative, it is just a little less liberal than other mainstream sources.

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