Available at Barnes and Noble

Available at Barnes and Noble

The Blight Way.  I’ve always been a fan of Pat McManus’ writing.  He has been writing for many years for Outdoor Life and Field and Stream and his articles have always been humorous.

He has written some biographical books about how he came to be a humor writer and almost just stumbled on his career as a humor writer.  

Mr. McManus started out writing serious articles about serious subjects related to land management and conservation issues.  [If my memory serves me correctly.]  He was working at a small college teaching writing and he was doing his own serious writing for a few hours each day trying to sell his articles to major publications.  

One summer, the funding for his class was cut and he was out of a job for the summer.  So with fear and trembling he set out with his typewriter to make a living for his family for the summer.  He worked for several hours on some serious writing, and then to blow off some steam he wrote a humor piece in about an hour.  He then sent both articles out for sale.  After all of his serious writing and not being able to sell his serious articles, he sent out a one-hour effort humor piece and it sold for more than he would have made for the whole summer teaching at the college.

He found his career doing something that took significantly less effort than his serious writing and it paid a whole lot more too.  I am very glad for the guy.

If you haven’t read any of his stuff, I’d recommend starting with some of his collections of short stories so that you can get the feel for his humor style.  It is often subtle and can take a little thinking to get it.  

The Blight Way is a novel and a mystery.  It is well written, but is not as funny as his short stories.  It is still a well devolped story with several important characters, twists and turns.  It deals with a multiple murder in small town Idaho.  I like it.

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