Available at Barnes and Noble

Available at Barnes and Noble

So, I wrote about the news hubub last week about whether Ann Coulter really was banned from NBC for life.  

In some of the comments to that post, it was mentioned that Matt Drudge first reported an outright ban and later in the day Drudge changed his reporting to reflect the differing opinions from NBC executives.  I linked to a cached image of the page and I have no idea whether it was that way or not.  It is entirely possible that it was originally reported as a ban without differing opinions from the execs at NBC and later changed which would then create some room for people reporting an outright ban.  

So I read the book this last week.  Reading Ann Coulter’s book was an interesting experience.  Her writing is so full of measured venom and outrage that the book is almost pulsating with it.  

I understand the outrage myself.  Ann sees the media as being so friendly and collegial with the left that truths are covered up, lies are pronounced, and any other convenient change of opinion that is timely for pressing the agenda of the left.  The agenda of the left is pro-abortion, pro-affirmative action, pro-gays in the military, pro-gay marriage, pro-welfare programs, pro-government, pro-state run schools,  pro-relative morality, and pretty much anything that undermines the traditional values of the country.  They are also anti-republican party, anti-conservative, anti-christian, and anti the traditional values of the country.

Ann Coulter uses her books to push back as hard as she can against the sea of left-inspired propaganda we are awash with every day in the print, broadcast, and cable media these days.  She uses some crude language, definitely inflammatory language, and tries to bring a measure of balance to the discussion.  The problem is that in the market of ideas, the scale is tilted way over on the left side and her only recourse to try and balance things out is to use even heavier and strong language because her comparative voice is so small.

The book further illustrates the massive bias the media has toward people on the left and people on the right who then turn on the right and criticize it.  This is more or less a futher chronicling of the bias of the left.  It is an important book if you want a different perspective on the media scene, but it uses some very strong language to get her point across.

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