Available at Barnes and Noble

Available at Barnes and Noble

This book is about a dream coming true, sort of.

A law student who became jaded with the practice of law, especially at large law firms began a blog, Anonymous Lawyer.  As of now, there is no new material on the blog, but it was very inventive.  In the blog, he pretended to be the hiring partner at a large multi-national law firm and his blog was a success.  Many people thought it was real and kept trying to “out him” or identify him as a real life hiring partner at a large multinational firm.

Due to the success of his blog, he got a book deal which followed the blog format with some fake email exchanges and things to liven it up some and add a little more realism to the story.

The author also has a site http://anonymouslawfirm.com/ and two other blogs I could find.  

In short, the book is satire.  It is a made up world of how things are going in the legal profession.  What is so sad is that people kept thinking they knew who he was becauase some of the stuff he described was really going on.

It is funny, well written, a quick read, and a pretty good book.

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