This week’s tempest in a teapot is brought to you courtesy of a full court press to market a new book.

Ann Coulter was on the Today Show twice today and she did her level best to read Matt Lauer the riot act about whether she was banned from NBC.  She cites the Drudge Report as her authority and attacks NBC’s credibility because they have had to retract stories before.

You can find the first video here.  The second video is here.

It is rather disappointing to see this discussion go downhill that fast.

It seems that Ann Coulter was invited on to the Today Show for tuesday this week a few months ago to promote her book.  By some reports, she was to be on there for two segments, the first news segment and again during the fouth hour.  She was bumped.

Matt Drudge reported that Ann Coulter was banned from NBC for life, or maybe not.  The NBC insiders were not telling the same story, and to Mr. Drudge’s credit, he reported both reports as to whether or not Ms. Coulter was banned from the network.  The excuse for the ban is that Ms. Coulter was too negative about Barack Obama.  Just to sum up,  the reporting was that there were conflicting reports about whether Ann Coulter was banned from the network.  That is not a story.

World Net Daily picked up and repeated the story without the clarification about conflicting reports as to whether there was a ban or not.  Drudge clearly stated that his inside sources did not agree on whether there was a ban or not.  World Net Daily merely reported a ban.  World Net Daily’s story also reads a bit like an advertisement for Ann Coulter’s New Book.   

The story was also reported without the conflicting reports portion at Political Machine, NewsBusters (calling it “possibly banned”), and several other blogs with varying levels of giving both sides.  Ann Coulter’s site believed it was a ban and noted it with the following quote:

January 6, 2009, 11:21 AM

This really sounds like a marketing ploy.  Drudge mentioned that one executive said that Coulter would be re-invited probably as early as Wednesday.  So the timeline goes, Monday afternoon, Ms. Coulter is bumped for Tuesday, a Drudge Report hits the internet that she may have been banned for life, or she may be back on the show Wednesday.  This sends the internet into an uproar and Ms. Coulter was back on the show Wednesday.  This is what passes for news these days?

I really think it was effective marketing.  

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