There have been a couple of sad letters to the editor in the Deseret News.  One of them calls into question the right of Israel to exist, and the other one accuses the media of bias in reporting so that we are not as outraged at Israel as we should be.

The first letter basically argues that Israel gets its right to exist via a U.N. action in 1947 when there were only a few members of the U.N. that identified as Muslim countries, and now that the makeup of the U.N. has changed, we should get rid of Israel.  Or put another way, get over the guilt of the Holocaust and get rid of Israel because the U.S. support of Isreae led to 9/11.  Or even the idea that the coutntry is bothersome and it should be done away with.

It is possible the letter writer is unaware of the history between the U.N. resolution and today, but the same question he poses could be applied to any troublesome or unpopular country.

Israel at the very beginning of the U.N. partition of Palestine was a creature of the U.N.  Since then, there have been no less than four wars to destroy Isreal led by the Arab nations in the region.  The first war in 1948, the first day after Israel declared its existence was launched by five countries, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon, with additional troops sent by Morocco, Sudan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.  

People seem to forget that the U.N. partitioned Palestine with an Arab and a Jewish state side by side and Jerusalem to be presided over by the U.N. to keep the peace.  Israel accepted the plan, the Arabs did not.  Israel already agreed to a peaceful resolution of the conflict way back in 1947.  It is the Arab nations that have refused to accept the peace.  

The palestinians are not a separate distinct race of people, they are merely Arabs who live in palestine, yet the surrounding Arab nations will not take in their brothers and sisters and give them a place to live.  The ongoing hatred of and war with Israel is worth too much to them to provide relief for their fellow arabs.

So, does Israel have a right to exist?  They have fought several wars to keep their independence and to remain a nation.  I suppose they have the same right to exist as any other country where many people have gathered together and decided to form their own government, sort of like Pilgrims in the United States.

Is the news coverage biased in favor of Israel?  I guess it depends on who you ask.  With as many pictures as I see about bombed out buildings and wounded people, I would think not.  

Something else to consider in weighing the question of how to handle the Israel-Arab conflict is that Israel is weaponized and has nuclear arms.   The Samson Option is both a book and a policy of retaliation should Israel’s very existence be threatened.   It is estimated that Israel has between 200-400 nuclear weapons.  

Whatever you think of the State of Israel, they have at the very least a factual claim to existence beause of the several wars claiming their land.  International law will often recognize self-determination of a people if they can secure their independence.  They of course had some help at the beginning from the United Nations but they have had very little help from the U.N. ever since.  

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