I just recently read an interesting argument that liberals and conservatives are really just fighing over how we will let our oppressors control us.

One of the most intriguing passages is this one:

One thing is sure.  As long as the aristocrats are in charge, government will grow.  When liberals run it, it will grow to redistribute wealth to the global “have-nots,” straight from the pockets of the middle class. When conservatives win elections, government will grow to promote global business empires and enforce taxpayer care of social needs—freeing up elite capital for more profitable uses.  If this seems too cynical, consider why government doesn’t shrink when both liberals and conservatives promise to reduce it. It was Bill Clinton who said that “the era of big government is over.”

Today, the era of conservatives and liberals is over. Both have either become aristocrats, or their employees or agents.  Ours is the era of a new, global aristocracy, which uses both governments and markets to increase its power and wealth.  Against that stands the idea of freedom.  It is an idea from the past, but its time is not over.

Some people say that the rich do not pay their fair share so we need to raise taxes on the rich.  This is not true.  The tax that is raised is an income tax.  The many kinds of income the very, very wealthy have are either not considered to be income, or are taxed at a lower rate.  Things like stock dividends, profit sharing in corporations, or trust fund distributions.  

The tax system is designed to keep the middle class down, really.  It makes it hardet to accumulate wealth because taxes are so high.

The global aristocracy really does control both sides of the argument in politics.  I’d suggest reading the whole article to see exactly what Oliver DeMille is saying.

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