This club was mentioned to me the other day, and I have never heard of it.  It is a pretty interesting name whose origin or symbolism I am unaware of.

This is a club of around 200 elites in Washington D.C. that meets once a year and the meetings are closed to the public.  The club was founded in 1913 by four southern gentlemen to commemorate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s birthday.  The yearly banquet has speeches and a mock nomination of a presidential candidate of the Alfalfa Party.

Former nominees for president from the Alfalfa Party include later real life presidents of the United States including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush.  In 2001, the nominee was John McCain and in 2008 the nominee was Michael Bloomberg.  A partial list of members of the Alfalfa club can be found here.

It is sort of interesting that a club originally organized in 1913 to commemorate the birth of Robert E. Lee  now draws so many influential people to a dinner once a year in January.

 Rightly or wrongly, Lee is seen by many people as the great american villain who fought to keep slavery entrenched.  In 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank was established.  This blog has previously argued that the Federal Reserve system and fractional reserve banking is a tool of modern day slavery.  

In brief, the Federal Reserve Bank lends money to the United States who then taxes the people to pay it back, with interest.  Our tax dollars are both issued and paid back to the Federal Reserve bank on a fractional banking platform where the bank can loan money it does not have but is still enforced as a legal obligation to be paid back.  That is the definition of something for nothing.

The proceedings of the club are kept secret, although some details to make it out into the public eye from time to time.  There seems to be a proliferation of these kinds of groups where many rich and powerful people gather together to do something.  No one outside of these groups really knows what they are doing or what they talk about, but based on the direction of how things are going, it is not to help the little guy.

It has been in the news, and no one seems to care, that the Pentagon has a difficult time keeping track of about 25% of their spending.  In related news, oddly enough, the government is having a difficult time tracking the $700 Billion of bailout money.   Sure.  The government keeps better track of cows than it keeps track of $700 Billion.  The military can use precision guided weapons to land a ballistic missile in your front door, but they can’t track Billions Trillions of dollars.  

Maybe I’m just jaded, but I suspect that a lot of the money is going exactly where it is intended to and the perpetrators are merely hiding behind the guise of incompetence.  We’d rather believe it is a mistake and not on purpose.   Ooops, we just LOST that $2.3 Trillion in the defense budget!  

Whether the Alfalfa Club is innocuous or not, here is a speech prepared by a prior nominee by the Alfalfa Party in 1953.  The speech is from Justice Robert H. Jackson of the U.S. Supreme court.  At the top of page 2, he jokes about the Supreme Cout legislating from the bench and re-writing the Constitution:

Gentlemen, like other candidates, I would rather run on promises than an records. But i f we are forced to disclose my record, it will show that I have supported some of the best legislation that has been enacted – by the Supreme Court.  We have been so successful in rewriting the Constitution that the clergy has followed our example and rewritten the Scriptures. There i s a difference in technique. The clergy changed a few words and kept the old meanings, while we have changed a few meanings and kept the old words.

It might be funny, if it weren’t so true.

This is another club you may or may  not have heard about, but now you at least know of their existence.

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