I have been following this, but was reminded of the topic again this week from an article by Walter E. Williams about the coming menace of Global Cooling.  OK, just kidding, he is actually noting the menace of legislators and environmental activists enacting laws based on flawed science.  He notes that there is a growing number of scientists who have noticed a cooling effect on the earth now which will probably have little to no effect on the actions of many politicians who would prefer to simply legislate more global warming paranoia actions.  

We should of course take care of the environment and actions for cleaner air and water are often beneficial to everyone, but to simply use the panicked rubric of global warming is a bit ridiculous.

It is not just Walter Williams, but there are many more people who have noted that the earth is cooling off and is probably in a cyclical pattern of sorts that humans have no control over, sort of like the sun.   Just less than a year ago, it was noted that a 12 month cooling period has wiped out over 100 years of warming.  This thing goes in cycles.

What is not known for sure is how long or severe this cycle will go.  I remember having more snow on the ground when I was younger and there was a lot of snow in December in my neighborhood.  I know that anecdotal evidence doesn’t really prove anything, but by my obervations, we have had more snow in the last couple of years than we have had in the last decade or so.  It is good for the water table and underground aquifers.

Hopefully more reasoned heads will prevail in this ongoing debate.

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