I just read the first half of this book, I am still in the process of reading the secont half.  

This is a great book for people who want to know what he was about, not what people just say his was about.  There is a very liberal use of quotes from him personally describing his thoughts, impressions, and actions in his life.

It is a concise biography (about 230 pages) in the first half and the second half is an alphabetized treatment of Thomas Jefferson Quotes on a whole series of subjects from government principles, banks, individuals, which sciences are worth studying, the place of the Bible in society, the value of Christianity, his love for “true” Christianity, and many other things.

This book is a treasure trove of ideas and a fascinating look at the person who wrote the Declaration of Independence, valued freedom for the people, and believe self government is available for all people willing to apply themselves.

This is a great read and very informative.

It is possible that this is the book that Oliver DeMille read in his younger years and was inspired to seek a much broader education than he had before.  Thomas Jefferson was probably the best educated person in colonial times.  It was said of him that he appeared to know everything and was able to converse intelligently on almost every subject. 

This book inspires me to continue to study and learn myself so that I can be the best statesman I can be.

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