This is an important question for anyone, and I don’t think enough people spend time actually considering the question.  We should be asking ourselves things like:  1- What is the most important thing for you to spend your life and time doing? 2- How do you see the world, what direction do you see things going?  3-If you are in the United States, is the country headed in the right or the wrong direction?  4- What kinds of things do you see in the future?  5- What do you see as your role in the future? 6- What are you going to do about it?  7- Are you looking forward with fear or faith? 8- What is your purpose in life? 9- Do you really believe the things your church teaches? 10- Do you think that you have more important things to do in life than work at the job you have? 11- Is there a reason you were born and are you living your potential to the fullest extent you can for now?

This are the kinds of questions and ideas my circle of friends think on regularly.  We try to figure out what we should be doing to make the most of the gifts and talents that we have.  We tend to not look on ourselves with a victim mentality and seek to better our situation in any ethical way we can.

There is a great concept about true wealth.  The idea is that to be truly wealthy, you should be satisfied in five aspects of your life and feeding all five aspects.  Your spirituality, physical, mental, social, and financial.  These are broad categories that capture the essence of a full and satisfying life.  There are so many things you can be doing to improve yourself in all five areas.  

This kind of balance is really hard to strike or to have without daily consistent effort.  To seek this kind of balance and different way of looking at things requires you to begin with simply thinking about what you waht.

So, what do you want?

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