This is part 2 of a discussion about the bailout.  This quote from an email was forwarded to me:

As I lay awake at night, thinking of the ever-increasing “bailouts” pledged to various interest groups, I have a couple questions.  

First of all, where is the money coming from?  Does the government have access to either the proverbial City of Gold or have its own forest of money trees?  Or perhaps will we find ourselves in the not-so-distant future giving more of our tax dollars to this great cause of saving the everyday American from the consequence of poorly thought-through purchases?

We are at the convergence of many things designed to destroy our liberty and freedom.

There are many things necessary for a free people.  Active acquisition of knowledge is one thing.  It takes effort to gain and properly use the knowledge necessary to maintain freedom.  Active thinking, analysis of ideas, ideas of the proper role of governmet.  An appreciation of consequences, struggles to gain things, and many other things.

The whole social network of the United States is based on consumerism, instant gratification, and distraction.  It is in our public schools and for regular consuption on television and media.

We are encouraged to go out and spend for the good of the country and the economy to keep people employed and able to pay their bills.  Many people are simply enamored with what looks good and avoiding the trappings or shame of their less than financially stellar past and want to look rich so they spend rich with little consideration of the ability to pay.  What is new is often what is most important.  Use it, spend, get the next new thing so that you can look cool and be happy.

Instant gratification is another big problem.  We want things and want them now.  People tend to not wait because in today’s society, you often don’t have to.  You can have instant credit, same day delivery, and many other things now. The internet makes things closer than ever.

Distraction.  How much of today’s news casts are based on sports, celebrities, and other entertainment news?  We are constantly bombarded with information about the football playoffs, what a crock the BCS is, who has been nominated for the next entertainment award, what fashion is new, and anything else that distracts us from what is important and lasting.

Public education has a lot to do with this.  When you get back to school, you must have all new clothes to look cool and fit in.  Education has been dumbed down a great deal so that you don’t have to think anymore about the important issues we face and instead fit into the mold we are pressed into.  Because we are pressed into this consumerist mold that is focused on sports and entertainment, we know little else.

I saw a commercial on TV the other day involving a love song between a young and attractive african american couple about Chicken Nuggets.  The young man is professing his undying love for her to share her chicken nuggets and she denies him telling him to get his own.  An interesting combination of teaching people that love for food you like is cool, but still be selfish.  (Not to mention the not too subtle stereotype of having african american people arguing over chicken, but I digress).

Banks, stores, and credit card companies are all too happy to have this kind of education/indoctrination.   They will make credit easy to get for people and prefer people have low but acceptable credit scores so they can charge higher interest rates or other fees to offset the “higher risk”.  

The banks and credit card companies are among the highest contributors to campaign funds for both major parties. They continue to issue credit lines and mortgages to people who probably shouldn’t have them under government pressure and when they predictably fail and the market melts down, the government is there to use the power of force to make sure the landing is not too hard for these institutions.  The cyle continues.

So, poorly thought through purchases is right in a sense.  An entire generation of people have been going through a public education and media saturation system set up to encouage consumerism and irresponsible spending in order to fit in and have the things they are taught to aspire to.  The banks and lending institutions are ready to issue credit where no credit is warranted and then when the people predictably fail, the great American Taxpayer is left holding the bag.  It is fast becoming the American way.   An entire generation of people has been set up to fail and we are just now starting to see the fruits of the last several decades of indoctrination.

People are becoming more dependent on the government for their “rights” of health care, affordable housing, higher education, child care, the right for both parents to have (require) jobs and other things that are on the way to destroying American independence and self reliance.  

It was “poorly thought through” on the parts of the people more or less victimized by the system, but by the people who stand to benefit, things are going according to plan.

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