So my wife wanted me to read this book.  It is fairly short and takes a couple hours to read.  The book was wonderful.

The title of the book comes from one Christmas when the author was at Primary Children’s Hospital (the old one at the top of the Avenues in Salt Lake City) because of his critically ill child.

On the top of the tree was an angel that had been handled by a few too many children, looking a bit disheveled and damaged.  He then compared the angel on the top of the tree in the condition it was in with the experience that all of God’s children have.  We are all angels to one degree or another, and tattered in one way or another.  We all have problems whether emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental.  It is our problems that draw us closer to the Savior.

That is not the point of the book really.  It is just one of the points made clear with great feeling and intensity from this book.  The storyline of the book actually follows the experience of the author’s family and an adopted daughter.  The family had been going along well and the mother of the family had a dream that they should adopt.  I don’t want to ruin the great story, but they successfully adopt a little girl who was born with water on the brain and no cortex (or main part of the brain). 

The story talks of the struggles before, during, and after the adoption of a little girl whose medical condition generally would be fatal after about six weeks.   Most children with that medical condition only live a few years before dying.  

The story is very secondary to the message of the book.  There are different characters who come and go with the story but one of the most interesting and touching parts is when the author is having lunch on Christmas Day at the Hospital because his daughter was there for another surgery.

It is a wonderful book, worth reading several times.  I highly recommend it.  

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