In the Book of Ether, there is a very intersting and sad story.

Jared (later, not at the first of the book) is sad because he is no longer the king and is out of power.  Jared’s daughter tells Jared to just buck up little camper, don’t you remember all of those evil plans and oaths of old?  She offers to dance for Akish and to please him and have him ask her to wife.  She tells Jared that in exchange for her hand in marriage, Jared should ask Akish to deliver to him the head of Jared’s father, the king.  

So, just to keep score.  The Daughter of Jared is offering to help Jared find a way to kill his father and her grandfather. Nice family.

So she dances, Akish is pleased and asks for her hand in marriage.  Jared tells Akish to bring him the head of the king. Akish creates a band of murderers, thugs, cheats, and secret keepers to form a secret group to kill the king.  The penalty for revealing the secrets of the group will be the loss of their own heads.  Nice.

The plot is successful and Jared’s dad is killed.  After this, Akish marry’s Jared’s daughter and they all live happily ever after.  OK, not quite.  Now that Akish has a taste of using his secret group for murder for gain, he thinks it would be a great idea for this secret group to go after and to get the head of his father-in-law.  

So, Jared’s daughter inspired Jared to plot to get dad/grandpa killed so Jared could be king, and now Jared’s daughter’s husband is plotting to kill Jared.  

The second plan works too.  I have always wondered if the daughter of Jared was horrified or pleased at the turn of events.  Did she have any idea that her planning and plotting would eventually lead to the death of her father too?  Did she feel bad that the man she planned to marry would not only kill her grandfather but her father too?

If she was willing to marry a man who would kill her grandfather, perhaps it is not too far a stretch to think that she was not that put out by the murder of her father.

At any rate, it didn’t work out too well for Jared.  He went along with his daughter’s plan to use her to get Akish to kill the king and then Jared was the king, and got killed too.  By Akish.

It may sound a little confusing, but it is sad, and ironic, and illustrative of the fact that we have probably only scratched the surface of the horrifying depths people will go to for power and prestige.  Or in the case of Akish, getting to marry a very hot woman, or as it says in Ether “exceedingly fair”.  

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