It appears that Hillary Clinton will be the next Secretary of State, at least according to the International Herald Tribune, or otherwise known as the Global Edition of the New York Times.

This is probably a good thing.  Hillary Clinton wanted additional publicity and face time.  Who knows what the future will bring?  OK, we know that God does, but I personally have no idea.

Some people have been predicting or even betting on when Pres. Obama will be assassinated.  A google search shows about 2.8 Million results for “obama assassination“.  I am not sure what to think of that.

It seems that the public is already very well primed for at least the possibility of an attempt on the President Elect’s life.  It is almost as if the public is expecting this to happen.  It might be an interesting thing if it does.  We have enjoyed some collective good feelings of racial harmony now that the first black president has been elected.  What sorts of racial strife might we be facing if he is killed?  I don’t even really want to consider that, but it would seem to lead to riots and marial law in some areas depending on who is blamed for the death.

After 9/11, we have already given up great amounts of freedom at our airports and in our homes with expanded surveillance of the American People.  If something as spectacular and tragic happens again there could well be opportunities for an even futher erosion of our freedoms.  I hope that what is predicted and betted on does not occur.

Also, with Hillary as the Secretary of State, she would be fouth in line for the Presidency in the event of the simultaneous untimely demise of the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.   I guess in a morbid way, that puts her closer to the presidency than she has ever been.

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