Have you ever thought something or wanted to say something and then you read an article or book that captures so many of your ideas on the subject and then says it in such a great way you just have to share it?

It happened to me today.

If you only read this in the newspaper, you missed a lot of the message.  At the end of the article, it states that a longer (and fuller, better explained) version of the article is available online.

The topic is Gay Marriage and how it fundamentally undermines society.  It also frankly discusses how society has already undermined marriage in so many ways but that does not excuse the further devaluation of a very important and ancient fundamental institution of any society.

Orson Scott Card wrote the article.  It addresses sociological problems, political problems, and compares the gay rights agenda to the abortion rights agenda how abortion rights began in small ways and has since led to major difficulties with respect to freedom of speech limitations and partial birth abortion.

Mr. Card even goes so far as to say that this may be the revolutionary turning point for people who love their families and traditional values.

The article is well written, thought out, and thought provoking.  Please read it.

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