This story has been in the news recently, about man in Las Vegas that has made calendars with returned missionaries in somewhat provocative poses with their shirts off.  You can decide the level of appropriateness or not here.

According to the Associated Press and on the KSL website, the calendar creator, Chad Hardy, has now been excommunicated.  Mr. Hardy also thought it was the correct decision.  According to the article, Mr. Hardy was facing three issues at the disciplinary council.  He made the calendar, and had not been keeping his covenants.  The exact nature of the covenants not kept has not been reported and The Church will not say anything about any of the reasons.  Mr. Hardy would have to reveal them.

According to the article, Mr. Hardy has been inactive for the last six years and has not paid tithing for a long time either.

Hardy said he considered resigning his membership to avoid the hearing, but decided against it out of respect for his family. Hardy is a sixth-generation Mormon. His parents live in Utah.

“I really feel sorry for my family,” said Hardy. “They are going to be so sad. But I feel empowered and free and I feel like I no longer have to apologize for anything.”

This is not really freedom or empowerment.  If anything, being excommunicated helps people to be under less condemnation because they have less covenants they are violating (assuming the behavior at issue has not stopped).

It is the type of Freedom that Satan wants us to have which is really an illusion.  We think we are free because we can disobey the commandment when it is the commandments and obedience to them that truly make us free.

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