Fox News just reported on Friday that Scientists are guessing that meteorites could be vehicles for carrying microbes through space to different planets, maybe.

It is largely accepted but far from actually observed or proven that 65 Million years ago a large asteroid hit the Earth and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  Now it is also speculated that it might have knocked chunks of the Earth into space which then might have come back down to Earth to allow for more macro evolution until we were here.

There are a great number of practical problems with testing this theory, such as no observable real time data and no examples of microbes surviving on an actual meteorite landing on earth.  The scientists did some testing by smashing microbes here on earth and seeing which ones survived.  So maybe they might be able to survive being disturbed by an asteroid impact, launching them into outer space and re-entering the gravitational field of a planet, then the heat and speed of an impact and then surviving.

What is not explained is how the microbes will eventually exit a smooth, hot and somewhat glazed rock that has landed on a new planet, find nourishment, grow, evolve, or progress.  Theoretically, if these microbes manage to survive a trip through launch, space, and re-entry all inside a meteorite space capsule, how will they get out of the meteorite to evolve?  The meteorite probably does not have an escape hatch or planned exit holes or the microbes would likely not survive the heat and stresses of the re-entry and would therefore leave any surviving microbes trapped inside until they die.

Some people call religion the effect of a frenzied and weak mind that cannot handle the cold hard truth of science and evolution.  It seems to me that scientists propounding these crazy theories of meteorite colonization of planets is more likely the effect of a frenzied mind that cannot accept God.

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