I very recently posted about medical testing and more specifically about the shoddy reporting quality of a certain online publication called WorldNetDaily.

What the article was about was the whole Orwellian big-brother is going to own the DNA of all of our children if a bill is passed, EVERYBODY PANIC!!!  But it wasn’t true.  It was really a large exaggeration of what is going on and it is shameful that some groups feel they need to tell big lies like this to get attention.

What was completely missed in the article and the discussion was whether the government should even be in the business of regulating health care at all.  Answer: it shouldn’t, unless it was done at the local government level.  Like maybe the city or county level.

April 15th every year is an interesting day for people paying taxes.  Many  people wait until the last day and then only pay out of a vague fear of what will happen if they don’t.  This is a horrible state for people to be in and for many reasons not discussed here is more symptomatic of tyranny instead of freedom.

People should not fear their governments, governments should fear the people.

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