So I got elected to be a delegate to the State Convention this year.  It is an interesting experience to see how the party is run from the inside (sort of).  Without being One Of The Powers That Be, it is very hard to see just why the party does what it does.  I suspect some of the party bosses feel like this.

If you feel like getting involved in your choice of political party a good place to start is at the county and state conventions.  Here are just a few of them.  They are open to the public but if you are not a delegate you will not be able to vote.   Some of the listed locations are a little vague and were even slightly difficult to find on the political party’s web pages, almost as if the parties don’t want the public to attend them or something.

Salt Lake County Democratic Convention, Saturday April 26 @ 8:00 AM Jordan High School.

Utah State County Democratic Party Convention, Fri.-Sat. May 9-10 at the Cal Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center.

Other Democratic Party County Conventions are listed here.

Salt Lake County Republican Convention, Saturday, May 3, 2008 @ 8:00 AM South Towne Expo Center.

Utah State Republican Party Convention, Saturday May 10, at Utah Valley State College.

Other Republican Party County Conventions are listed here.

The Constitution Party has a State Convention on April 19 at the Salt Lake County Council Chambers.  More details about the event and county conventions are here.

The Libertarian Party has a four hour scheduled State Convention on April 19, at the Sandy Library.  Super Dell is also running for Governor for the Libertarian Party.

You may find them long and boring, but at least it is somewhat educational as far as explaining why more people are not involved in politics.  Most of them are on Saturdays and take a lot of time that most people don’t really have.

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