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Do vaccines cause sterility in females?  Some of them do.

I don’t know if it is a mere mistake, or if some vaccines were designed for specific areas of the world that may cause sterility and not in others, but there are problems.

The tetanus vaccine in adults should be given approximately every 10 years or so (according to official guidelines) which means that I am probably due for one of them too.  It is one dose, given in the arm to adults.  It is also officially OK for pregnant women to have the tetanus vaccine however, it is absolutely not OK for pregnant men.

There have been several reports of some women receiving a tetanus vaccine and becoming sterile or having spontaneous miscarriages/abortions.   In the 1990’s, a tetanus vaccination program was implemented in several countries including Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines which was found to cause sterilization in women.  The vaccines were only given to women of typical child bearing age with a total of five shots for the regimen and three of them within three months time.  Testing of vaccine samples revealed that the vaccines included a hormone important to pregnancy that would cause the female body to create anti-bodies to this hormone and therefore prevent pregnancy.  In Taiwan, there is an unfavored ethnic group called the Akha.  These people live in Taiwan, China, Laos, Tibet, and Myannmar.  In Taiwan, it is required of pregnant Akha women to receive the tetanus toxoid vaccine.  There are numerous reports of women then having a spontaneous miscarriage/abortion after receiving the vaccine.  If the women refuse, they are threatened that the child will not be given an ID card which will often successfully pressure the women into accepting the vaccine.

The United States is funding sterilization programs in the Philippines today.

Perhaps this history of United Nations World Health Organization vaccines has caused some of the suspicion of the oral polio vaccine in Africa.  Well, that and a Washington Post article about research and testing on an anti-pregnancy vaccine which acted in the same way the tetanus vaccines did in Mexico and the Philippines.  The article was in 1988 and in the early 1990’s the tetanus vaccinations were administered with ill effects on women of child bearing age.  In Nigeria, the oral polio vaccine is being boycotted because of concerns that it will cause sterility in the women of the country.  Without additional testing of the vaccines for problems (maybe they can’t) it may be a wise thing to do.

But what about the new HPV vaccine?  It was developed by Merck who has settled many cases related to heart attacks and strokes caused by Vioxx and is now facing cases regarding Fosamax.  The vaccine is called Gardasil and will be among the vaccines required in Texas for public school students.  New Mexico is on the same path to requiring the vaccine too.  Some countries in Europe are providing the vaccine for free.  About a year ago, Merck announced it would stop lobbying states to mandate the use of the vaccine for school children.  Part of the awful truth is that the vaccine may be completely unnecessary for any woman and most certainly not for any women under the age of 30 according to the FDA who actually also approved the vaccines for young women.  That’s right, the vaccines could not go forward without FDA approval and the FDA admits freely that in young women, any HPV infection is not associated with cervical cancer.

In a press release from the FDA in 2003 regarding an HPV screening test, it states: “The HPV DNA test is not intended to substitute for regular Pap screening. Nor is it intended to screen women under 30 who have normal Pap tests. Although the rate of HPV infection in this group is high, most infections are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer.”  [Emphasis added].  This is pretty much admitting that the vaccine is completely unnecessary for young women.

There are a number of allegations that the new vaccine may actually harm the patient too and make cancer more likely.  Again there is also the concern that it may also cause sterility in women.

Can all of these people be wrong?  On the one hand, the FDA and the CDC assure us that these  vaccines are perfectly safe but there is a track record of some of the vaccines causing real problems for people.  There are numerous horror stories of bad reactions to the vaccines.  Are there additional problems in the medical community we should know about?

Next up: are there concerted efforts to control the world population?

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