The other morning, I woke up and decided to watch some of the Today Show. As I was barely starting to pay attention to it, I caught the last few seconds of an interview with Matt Lauer where the interviewee said something about needing to get vaccinated and there is no conspiracy, you need to follow what the FDA, the CDC, and your Pediatrician recommend and you need to get all of the shot regimen recommended because one of three shots won’t do the job you need all three.

I thought it was interesting that the Doctor for some reason had to tell us that there was no conspiracy. Very interesting. So I looked for the video to watch it and here it is.

First you are told that some parents are sitting out on vaccines because of concerns of safety. Twelve cases of measles have popped up in California. Three of those cases were from children that were vaccinated and the other nine were not. Of the nine that were not, three were too young to be vaccinated and the other six had parents opposed to vaccines so the kids were not vaccinated. So of a small group of twelve, a full 25% of them were supposed to be protected from the disease because they were vaccinated.

In the interview, Matt Lauer asks if enough research is being done to put the matter to rest once and for all that the vaccines are safe and the doctor first dodges the question then comes out and says that the vaccines both work and are safe but that there are maybe one in a hundred cases where there are adverse reactions that make the child worse off but for the benefit of public health all the children should be getting vaccinated. The doctor states that the entire population could be at risk of infection because of the few that are refusing the vaccines. For the good of the country and public health you should vaccinate your children, also because the FDA, CDC, and your Pediatrician recommends it. Oh, and there is no conspiracy.

That kind of reasoning makes my head spin. On the one hand we are told to believe that the vaccines are safe and that they work at preventing and stopping childhood diseases. OK. On the other hand because a few people are refusing to vaccinate their children the whole population is at risk. The only way this works out is if the vaccines don’t work as well as they are supposed to. If the point is that non-vaccinated kids need to be vaccinated to preserve the integrity of the public health, what about all of the illegal immigrants pouring over the border that bring whooping cough, tuberculosis and leprosy with them? That would be a more significant health risk than whether some families are not vaccinating their kids.

A friend of mine pointed out that if a person has a financial stake in whether you accept an idea or a product or not, it will obviously affect their opinion of the same. Specifically this statement referred to a presentation he was hearing about a product that would put about $8,000 in the guy’s pocket if my friend were to buy into the system. For the FDA, the CDC, and Pediatricians there is a similar financial motive.

The FDA just like any other federal agency will seek to preserve its’ own existence and to justify budget increases year after year. It is the natural order of things with federal agencies. Same with the CDC. Pediatricians who like to remain employed must keep to the party line laid down by the FDA and CDC or they may be in trouble with their employers. Also, the FDA and CDC are often the only source of information that Pediatricians find to be reliable and accurate so they stick with the information. It is not as if Pediatricians are doing their own research to verify the claims of the FDA and the CDC so to add them to the reasons about why we should all believe vaccines are safe is a bit silly.

The FDA and CDC have numerous ties with the pharmaceutical industry because that is the business they are in. The FDA is currently not able to screen new drugs for safety and instead they rely on the drug makers to test the drugs for safety. Because drug companies have a major financial stake in the approval of these drugs the studies conducted tend to be highly biased. It is not unlike assigning a fox to take care of the hen house so to speak.

The CDC is also not in the business of verifying the purity, success or safety of vaccines. Why we are supposed to take the word of some official government agencies that do not make it a part of their business to verify the safety of chemical compounds is beyond me.

Next up: are some vaccines causing sterility in women?

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