Well, I have already written about this group and they are still active and going strong. My uncle has listened to them and may join up for the $75 fee. A friend of mine is having a presentation at his house (with some misgivings already) about the whole thing.

I went with my uncle to a presentation recently and the fee for the “Regent” tuition package went up from $16,000 to $20,000. Wow. Last year the classes were once a year for a month in Phoenix. The problem is that most people can’t really pack up and leave for a month and stay in a hotel in Phoenix. Now they are broken up into six one-week segments, still in Phoenix. It appears that all of the classes are taught each week so that you can go there and get the classes any time the college is open. It appears that the $20,000 tuition will not cover your hotel or travel expenses, even for one trip down to Phoenix. Here is a list of the classes taught. For $20,000 plus travel, lodging, and meals, you can be taught:

Bookkeeping: how to use Quickbooks to track several accounts. There are several free resources on how to do this.

Building your team: assembling professionals to help you in your investing. Maybe an accountant, an attorney, a real estate agent, a title company, and a handyman might be a good place to start. This is not rocket science. There are even several property management companies too if you don’t want to worry about doing it yourself.

The coursework is very thorough, but it is not any kind of bargain for $20,000.   There are many websites that also sell information on real estate investing, and if you can learn pretty well from books, you could buy tons of books on investing and do just as well learning wise and a whole lot better money wise.

Part of the trick of investing in real estate is a touch of luck.  The house next to mine went into foreclosure from a bankruptcy and someone bought the house for an OK price.  The prior owners held over tenancy for a period of several months until an eviction was effected and they moved out.  The house was a mess, but not really damaged.  The new owner spent thousands of dollars in legal wrangling to evict the prior owner and had to pour in money to fix it up some.

That is the rub and part of the angle Nouveau Riche University pushes.  You need to sell their system with the high comissions to have the cash flow to cover the down times.  Either way, you might be better off saving that $20,000 and buying some books instead.

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