Yesterday in West Valley City, a 15 year old man was stabbed by an 18 year old man during an argument and fight.  The 15 year old ended up in the hospital with a punctured lung.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported the event as the 18 year old stabbing the 15 year old after an argument also that the 15 year old was there to warn the 18 year old of an impending fight the next day that angered the 18 year old so the 18 year old stabbed the 15 year old.   ABC 4 reported the event as a fight in progress started by the 15 year old which resulted in the stabbing.  The Deseret News reported the event as the 18 year old warning the 15 year old of an impending fight, the 15 year old then began hitting the 18 year old and the 18 year old stabbed the 15 year old.  Fox news Utah reported the story as the 18 year old warning the 15 year old, then the 15 year old started a fight that carried on outside and before the adults could intervene, the 15 year old was stabbed.  The 18 year old waited on the scene for police to arrive.

Who to believe?  These are supposed to be skilled and reputable news sources that can’t even get a simple stabbing story straight.  From what I can tell, it happened that the 18 year old was there to warn the 15 year old, the 15 year old probably was trying to show how tough he was or something and started hitting the 18 year old and in defense the 18 year old pulled a knife.  That is if a person who claims to be the mother of the 18 year old commenting on these stories is the real deal.

Mrs. R:  3/13/2008 6:12:00 PM  

This reporter got it wrong and has misinformed all of you. Brandon was the one warning Dillon that these kids were going to attack him at school the next day. That set Dillon off and he began attacking Brandon. Brandon tried to walk away. He had even called a friend’s mom to come get him and was going out to get in the car when Dillon came after him.

The Deseret News and MyFoxUtah got it right.

Also, Brandon is not a WVC boy, he’s not even from Utah.

Pray for both of these boys, please.

Thank you,

Brandon’s mom

It also seems that “Brandon’s mom” also added a comment after the Deseret News story too.

Mrs. Raney | 5:30 p.m. Mar. 13, 2008
If I have anything to say about it, the “victim” will be charged with assault as well. The police should have charged both of them at the time. He attacked my son several times, while he was trying to get away from him. All the witness said Raney tried to walk away from Damron and Damron kept coming after him. Damron “snapped” and rushed Raney, pummelling his head. The victim always carries at least one knife and Raney knew this.

If these comments are real and reputable it suddenly makes more sense that the 18 year old would pull a knife if he was aware that the 15 year old often carried at least one knife.  Either which way it is bad news and a sad story.

Our news outlets are charged with providing clear and accurate news reporting about events and issues of the day.  This is a fairly straight forward story about a fight that ended in a stabbing but the news reports could not consistently agree on the details of the story.

What are we to think about reporting when there are more complex issues involved?  I tend to think that news is often inaccurate and leaves out very important details on a regular basis.

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