It is not anything new that the government of the United States is monitoring the internet, email and other electronic communication in the United States.  Actually, it may be that Great Britain is spying on us and we are spying on them and sharing notes so as to avoid charges of domestic spying, but that is a discussion for another day.

There is a network of undersea cables connecting all of the major parts of the world.  Again, this is not new or surprising but there is some additional information that is interesting.  Here is a map of undersea cables with fiber optic capability.  There has long been a problem with the security of fiber optic land lines too.  Industrial espionage can be achieved by tapping into fiber optic lines.  The United States Military has developed technology that will enable the Navy to dive down to an underwater transoceanic line and insert a tap to intercept the information.  How exactly the information is retrieved or sent back in a timely manner is a technological issue that may have already been solved too.

The USS Jimmy Carter has been re-fitted to include a section 100 feet in length that will allow the vessel to perform additional functions of an unknown variety.   CNN reports that it will be used to intercept fiber optic line traffic.  The CNN report is over two years old.

Lucent Technologies has aided the NSA in creating technology that would enable tapping underwater lines as well.  Too bad the original inventors were not getting their due.

For the person who would like to read additional information about these long transoceanic cables, there is an additional article here.

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