There is a video on YouTube that says Romney is denying Modern Revelation, a very important part of the LDS Faith.

This story was covered by KTVX Channel 4 News in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Tribune, and KUTV 2 News as well. The KUTV story actually cited the Tribune story.

The video on YouTube is not very clear about Romney’s entire answer to the question, but from the video description on You Tube, here is the full question and answer:

“Should God speak to you, and ask you to do something that might be in conflict with your duties as president, or should He speak to your prophet who would speak to you, how would you make that decision, how would you handle that?” reporter Natalie Jacobsen asks.

Romney laughs and then replies, “Well, I don’t recall God speaking to me. I, I don’t recall God speaking to anyone since, uh, Moses and the [burning] bush, or perhaps some others, but, but I don’t have that frequent of communication.”

The video cuts off the end of his answer and it is hard to say what the rest of the answer was or if Romney offered any other explanation.

The local news has used this as an opportunity to attack Mitt Romney for that statement.

Here is one possible explanation for why Mitt Romney answered the way he did. The question was about politics and religion. What if God or your prophet tells you to do something in conflict with your duties as a duly elected official? Moses is a reasonable example. He was raised up to be the next Pharaoh and after leaving Egypt was told to go back and retrieve the children of Israel, definitely in contradiction to all of his education, training, and experience. Moses is the first historical law giver. Our criminal code has been based on the Ten Commandments as a basis of moral behavior for thousands of years. Moses is an example of a Prophet as a law giver which would be similar to God telling the President to do something in the President’s official capacity.

Or maybe Mitt was trying to finesse the answer and leave himself some wiggle room with the trailing “and perhaps some others” part of God speaking to man. It is hard to tell. From that answer alone and the context of a political interview and political answers it is very difficult to say that Mitt is denying any tenet of the LDS faith.

Here is a clip from what appears to be the same interview where Mitt Romney is steadfastly refusing to answer questions about the LDS faith. He just kept referring people to the website or to other official spokesmen for the Church.

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