The trademarked name TASER stands for Thomas A. Swift’s Electric Rifle. Not a regular firearm, but an electric firearm.

A hearing impaired man, practically deaf without his hearing aids was exiting his bathroom after a shower and only wearing a towel. He was greeted by cops with guns drawn. After failing to respond to officers’ commands that he show his hands while simultaneously holding up at least one hand to his ear and claiming that he couldn’t hear, he was tased.

This occurred in Wichita, Kansas to Donnell Williams. The cops were apparently responding to a report of a shooting [which was falsely reported] and were scared of a man wearing only a towel whose other hand was probably holding up the towel. Modesty be darned. There were no reports of a weapon being seen or anything else that would indicate a threat. The cops also say they had no idea the man was hearing impaired even though he told cops he couldn’t hear immediately prior to the tasing.

From the article: “Williams was not hurt in the incident.” I guess the TASER must have tickled him or something.

A man who acted very stupid in eastern Utah was tased by a Utah Highway Patrolman. He was failing to comply with the officer’s orders and started walking back to his car when he was tased. Here is the ten minute video:

It would be nice to have a verbal warning when the suspect is not obviously a risk. If you notice, he was not given a verbal warning to comply or be tazed and when the second officer shows up the first officer pointedly states that he gave him a verbal warning “turn around right now or I taze ya” at about 9:45 on the clip. Either the first cop has a bad memory or was already trying to cover up for his actions.

The Utah Highway Patrol has already cleared the officer of any wrongdoing.

The TASER is supposed to be a non-lethal weapon, but there are deaths from the use of it in the hundreds.

It is a good alternative law enforcement tool, but it is for sure used too often and too quickly.

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