This wonderful article from the Associated Press shows that the government is set to discard all of our privacy rights, except for Abortion probably.  

According to Donald Kerr “principal deputy director of national intelligence”:

Privacy no longer can mean anonymity . . . [i]nstead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguard people’s private communications and financial information.

Mr. Kerr also:

finds concerns that the government may be listening in odd when people are ‘perfectly willing for a green-card holder at an (Internet service provider) who may or may have not have been an illegal entrant to the United States to handle their data.’

So, because you willingly give information to a private company who may or may not have hired trustworthy people, you should have no problem just letting the government take that information from you as long as they are not abusing the information.

This is stupid.  There has not yet been a power granted to government that has 
not been abused.  Simply handing over our privacy rights without a fight will
open us up to even more abuse in the future.

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