There are many false prophets out there. One in particular has caught some attention and he has a website. identifies the site owner as Vince Diehl.

Vince Diehl (not Vin Diesel) has had several websites over the years for who knows why. He also apparently claims to have had several prophecies and that the CIA kidnapped him and used the legal process to torture him and put him in jail.

Here is the text of a Complaint he has written in suing probably everyone he could think of (41 Defendants). Here is one where he was suing the United States in total. Here is one more, where he named about 8 defendants. It is recommended that you do not read the complaints as they are very poorly written [and long] screeds that make little or no sense and instead just make wild accusations.

His own reports are not even lucid. He makes himself out to be a prophet of the latter days persecuted by the U.S. Government because he is a prophet. He blames the CIA, the FBI, and corrupt officials from Texas for his problems and incarceration.

From a review of some of the web pages and from Conservative Cat, it appears that in the 1980’s he had a computer business. There were some production and sales problems and it went out of business. There were 26 people (CIA plants if you ask Mr. Diehl) who were dissatisfied with the company, either for refunds, or the computers didn’t work or something. (Twenty years later on the internet is a weak way of piecing a story together, so the real story is probably very different.) Mr. Diehl had already filed and gone through bankruptcy and moved to New Mexico. He was brought back to Texas for prosecution for theft of some kind and did some hard time. He is now the head of an apocalyptic cult.

Beware of false prophets.

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