The President and Congress are arguing over a troop withdrawal timetable. This disagreement over a timetable is holding up funding for the troops. The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, has announced that this impasse could increase the length of tours of duty for people already in Iraq. The shortage of funds would reduce training for troops to leave to go to Iraq and would delay the troops’ returning from Iraq. There’s something odd about that.

There is a movement afoot in Vermont for secession. Some of the people there think that the Federal Government is overreaching and has more or less trampled on the rights of the States for self-government. Too bad the last time something like this happened, it turned out so badly.

A student who will rename nameless (for fear he may burn this blog, unless you follow the link) stole hundreds of copies of his school newspaper and burned them at a fraternity sponsored party with a bonfire. This student may have been trying to hide the fact that his name appeared in a small section of the paper under a police blotter for public drunkenness. Good think that his shenanigans didn’t then make the front page of his school paper and get even more attention that he was arrested for drunkenness. Or did it?

In a three way race for Justin Brady’s new legal name, Ynot Bubba (why not bubba) edged out Lacon Marlboro (favorite town and cigarette), and More Chek (representing his desire for more money). Not to cater to stereotypes, but Ynot Bubba worked as a truck driver for more than 20 years prior to the name change and presumably continues to drive trucks.

If you have not seen it yet, you may be interested in The Great Tennessee Marijuana Cave. Three men were arrested after it was discovered with the leader of the operation running it from Florida.

A strip club owner was forced to shut down his place in 2002. He was ordered to pay $6,000 in attorney’s fees to the city his club was in and he paid it in pennies. He painted the club pink and left town to open a new club. He named the new club after the mayor responsible for shutting down the old club. It is called Fat Jack’s Cabaret. He seems to target small towns where he will have better success in lobbying for support and licensing.

In perhaps one of the strangest twists of a current story, Fred Goldman in an effort to partially satisfy a $33.5 Million judgment against OJ Simpson for the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson is seeking to auction off the rights to publish OJ Simpson’s book If I Did It. Chris Rock saw something like OJ’s book coming almost 10 years ago.

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