An unconstitutional bill was in the House. It would give a representative in the U.S. House to Washington D.C. and another representative to Utah. The problem is that D.C. is not a State, and members of the House of Representatives must be elected from states.

Article I, Sec. 2 of the Constitution says the Representatives are elected by the people of the several states.

Article I, Sec. 4 of the Constitution requires States to choose the manner of electing Representatives and Senators.

Article I, Sec. 8 created the District of Columbia and gave Congress the power to regulate a 10 square mile area that is now the seat of our government.

No provision for the District of Columbia to have a voting member of Congress. Although the 23rd Amendment gave them the right to an Electoral Votes for President. They now have three electoral votes.

But that is not why the bill was defeated.

The bill was defeated for the very same reason why almost anything gets done in Washington D.C., politics. According to the Washington Times, some clever parliamentary action defeated the bill in committee. This is an example that is clever, enlightening, and sickening.

In a committee meeting, a Republican representative made a motion to amend the bill to not only allow D.C. and Utah to have one more representative, but that while we are respecting notions of fairness and a right to representation we should also respect the right to bear arms. The amendment would have repealed the very heavy handed ban on firearms in Washington D.C.

This put several of the Democrats on the committee in a difficult position. Some of them were elected on a promise that they would fight for gun rights. If they vote against the amendment to repeal the gun ban, then it looks like they are anti-gun. If the vote for the amendment to repeal the gun ban, it will make the bill impassable in the House.

They decided to postpone the vote on the amendment indefinitely. The bill is dead, and because of politics, not a desire to do what is right or to follow the right procedure, or even for respect of the constitution. A win is a win.

The Constitution should be amended if they want to give representation to Washington D.C.

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