This story is interesting. It is from the UK where an author is writing about the danger of women who are a hybrid of gold diggers.

While a wife is a good thing for a man to have, this article seems to point out a special kind of abuse and a wife that is a curse. Specifically, economic abuse and virtual financial slavery.

These women are not just gold diggers, they also get married and divorced for money. Still nothing surprising there. From the article:

Winter Wilson, staggered by the flood of heartfelt feedback she got after first naming the syndrome in a lifestyle article for the Daily Telegraph newspaper, said: “Many women see it as a career choice.

“After leaving university, they stay on the party circuit until they trap someone. They try to get the most by doing the least. They develop an extraordinary sense of entitlement, becoming very judgmental and shrewish,” she told Reuters.

Here is the amusing part: “She said she had hate mail from women who accused her of being a misogynist who also betrayed feminism.”

Feminism used to be about freeing up choices for women who wanted to vote, work, or whatever. Modern feminism was about not needing a man and the war against masculinity. The feminist movement wasn’t about the rights of gold digging women to abuse their men.

Just to be clear:

The danger signals of a wife going toxic are all too plain:

— She gives up work to care for the children and then sends them to boarding schools as soon as they outgrow their nannies.

— She demands wall-to-wall help with a maid hired to work up to 14 hours a day six days a week.

— Cooking and housework are strictly out of bounds.

— They have to live in a country mansion, forcing the husband to commute daily to London.

“I have had feedback from readers around the world recognising the syndrome. In America, many people wrote in about their toxic wives,” she said.

This is not the same as a stay at home mom, and the article is clear about that too:

Stoutly defending her stand, Winter Wilson argued: “The toxic wife is a complete disservice to women. It does us no favours. Stay-at-home mothers should be applauded, not reviled.

I think the stigma of being at home and looking after children should be taken away. The toxic wife thinks she is above it all. It makes me burn with anger.”


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