Or, “The Big Bang Theory” of Presidential Primaries.

There is an ongoing trend to move the Presidential Primaries forward to earlier dates because people want to think that their votes matter. Utah tried to work on moving the primary forward to a Feb. 5th date, but the bill failed. If Gov. Huntsman feels strongly enough about it, he can call a special session to deal with it.

The earliest primary is New Hampshire. It generally sets up who will continue to win in the primaries and who will win the general election in November. Only our last two presidents have made it to the White House without winning in New Hampshire. There is a huge benefit to winning the early primaries.

Other states have noticed that and 11 states joined in what is called Super Tuesday, on the first Tuesday of March to have their primaries. Now states have decided that the first week of March is still too late in the season and want to move it forward again to the first Tuesday of February. The argument is that when the primaries finally get to our state, the nominees are already determined so it is as if our votes don’t really matter now so we should move them forward in the schedule.

Frontloading is bad for voters. It does not allow for a more slow going progression for the voters to get to know the candidates better. If the campaign to be the nominee of the Republican or Democratic party is decided by March 1st, there are eight months until the General Election for people to have buyer’s remorse if there was a problem not discovered until after that date.

More often than not, people I know find themselves voting for “the lesser of two evils” which is still a vote for evil. With the current process, it is nearly impossible to get a candidate that people are genuinely excited about and ready to go vote for.

FrontLoading leads to the candidate that has the most money to spend and therefore the best name recognition to win. Having the most money may make you the best candidate for winning elections, but it is certainly no guarantee of making you the most qualified for office.

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