February 19, 2009 is the current deadline for all analog broadcast television signals to be ceased.

There was a previous target deadline of Dec. 2006 but that wasn’t going to work out too well and now the date has been pushed back to 2009. You will still be able to access the digital signals with the rabbit ears, but if your TV is old enough to only have an analog tuner you will need to have a Digital signal converter box to continue to receive your free TV signals.

What about the poor and the elderly who don’t have enough money to get a new TV or a converter box? No problem, the Federal Government will save the day. You can receive assistance in purchasing a converter box with a $40 coupon that must be redeemed within three months of issuance, limit 2 per household.

There has been some discussion about how this will affect cable providers (don’t really care) and how it will affect smaller independent TV broadcasters (will probably force many of them from the market because of the prohibitive cost).

So, the FCC by congressional fiat is prohibiting the use of analog TV and then going to re-license the signals for other use. This will cause the small independent broadcasters sending out non approved messages to get out of the market and consolidate the distribution of information from TV into the few more financially sound stations.

Just to make sure we can all receive our broadcast instructions from the opinion makers, we can also get our converter boxes for almost free.

Told you we should get back to watching TV.

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