Will Pope Benedict Become a Mormon After He Dies?

I hope he decides to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints before he dies, but if he waits until after he dies, that’s up to him too.

Actually, this article is about baptisms for the dead and how these ordinances are performed for many famous deceased people. The article does not clarify it, but I believe that Mickey Mouse was not baptized even though the name appeared in the IGI (International Genealogical Index) for a short time.

The article mentions but does not quite get to the point that there is a fine line between database policing, integrity, and ease of access. The IGI is maintained and people can submit information from all over the world and the accuracy of the database cannot be guaranteed without independent verification. Sometimes inaccurate information appears, such as some former Popes having wives.

Sites like Wikipedia.org suffer from the same problem.

The LDS Church is in the process of reducing duplication of ordinances for the same person but I am unaware of any kind of technical fix that will prevent the improper entering of names. The LDS Church is working to prevent ordinances being done for Holocaust Victims and there are ongoing discussions to resolve the issue.

The article was in general very balanced and had both sides of the issue presented.

Well done.

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