The times, they are a changin’.

According to this article, about 300 anti war protesters were marching on the capitol building last Saturday. The Capitol Police (regulated by the U.S. Congress) were present to block their progress toward the capitol. The police chief ordered the officers on hand to back off, let the people through and not arrest any of them while they sprayed graffiti on the capitol steps.

The steps were cleaned up after the protesters left. A few of the protesters were at least prevented from entering more sensitive areas or entering the capitol itself.

This shows a disregard for the property of the capitol on the part of whoever told the police chief to not arrest any of the protesters that were vandalizing the capitol steps.

This also shows that congress cares more about the areas they access regularly (the inside of the building and other sensitive areas) than the areas the public accesses. This may be a case of protection for me but not for thee.

So to sum up: Capitol Police officers were ordered to stand by and watch as the capitol was vandalized and no arrests were permitted to be made. Enforced lawlessness is not a good sign of the management of the capitol.

Maybe I will find a story of congress actually setting fire to a pile of cash while the taxpayers who paid it are watching.

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